As a Team owner you must contribute a stipulated amount for the season - for control, ownership and management of your team. Here, unlike other charities, you have complete freedom, control and management of your expenses and get to play an active part in deciding how your budget can benefit your team.
On purchase of a team, you will be provided with a comprehensive list of coaches and preformed selections, where you, the team owner will place a bid on your preference. 
As team owners we encourage you to be fully involved with the sport development of your ‘adopted’ team children from training days to tournaments. But where this is not possible, we at TLL are here to run your team to with complete proficiency.

This entry route allows you to:

Own a team

  • Create a franchise for your adopted team of Little Leaguers
  • Channel funds through TLL directly towards the upliftment of your football team
  • Remain in control of the management and administration of your team. 

Choose your Coach

Our coaches will play the essential role of training the children and imparting essential character traits through the game of football. TLL will provide the Team Owners with a roster of coaches who have been selected after a stringent screening process bearing in mind the skill-set required for this programme. The Team Owners will then be expected to decide on a coach and appoint such individual as the head team coach for the duration of the season. 

Allocate your Budget

Before the football season kicks-off in July each year, Team Owners are expected to crystallise where and how the funds they contribute towards their team will be utilised during the season. In this regard, the Team Owners will be presented with:

  • a ‘mandatory expense list’, which covers expenses that will be incurred on (i) a football kit to get their team of Little Leaguers on the pitch; (ii) a basic medical/ health check for each of the Little Leaguers in their team; and (iii) 50% of the fees paid to the head coach for the duration of the season.
  • an ‘indicative expense list’ which provides five distinct categories under which a Team Owner may choose to provide benefits to the children in their team, namely (i) a nutrition package; (ii) a sanitation package; (iii) an educational package; (iv) a personal welfare package; and (v) an entertainment package.

Meet the Children

Team Owners are encouraged to actively engage and interact with the Little Leaguers and will be provided with many opportunities to do so during the course of the season.