In one of the most economically disparate countries in the world, we at TLL create an interface between you and the charity you do to help bridge not only the monetary gap but also the mental mindset divide. In seeking to achieve our aim, TLL adopts the novel model of ‘interactive charities’, which involves participation by both donors and benefactors. Pioneers of such a model in India, we understand the incremental value that time, effort and participation can provide; and accordingly, seek to provide opportunity for those who wish to be involved in CHANGE!

The TLL platform is a one year course designed to facilitate sports, and academic and vocational development. At TLL we identify issues that are predominantly plaguing children in the underprivileged strata of our society and shape our sessions around building specific and necessary life skills, using football as the messenger.

Sport has always been a fundamental part of Indian culture bringing people from all social classes together. Through our programme we encourage the values inherent in sport, and promote its role as an educational tool capable of contributing to the comprehensive development of the personality of those who practice it. We also intend to use football as a means of social integration for those who find themselves suffering from any form of marginalisation. Another thing TLL hopes to do is to disseminate all the cultural aspects linked to sport, promoting a sense of freedom and encouraging an "I can" attitude.

Our concept of an ‘interactive charity’ is one which involves and seeks to benefit each of the stakeholders associated with the organisation. We believe that in order to “Be the change you want to see in the world”, one needs to be actively involved. This is why, at TLL our mission is to provide a platform to both underprivileged children as well as those who wish to contribute towards changing the lives of such children.

Keeping this mission in mind, our primary focus is to:

Provide Opportunity

Through our interactive platform, we seek to foster and nurture each Little Leaguer and provide them with an opportunity to channel their energy in the right direction so as to be better placed to make the transformation from childhood to adolescence. While the Little Leaguers may be involved in our football programme until the age of 16, TLL allows all Little Leaguers above the age of 16 to continue this association with our education and development programme until the age of 18. Through this initiative we hope to provide guidance to children and help them identify their strengths and talents.

Monitor Development      

While a particular Team Owner caters to the development of the 10 Little Leaguers in that team, we at TLL, through our Child Development Team, monitor the progress and development of each of the 80 Little Leaguers. Through constant interaction with the children, working closely with coaches and mentors and analysing trends in the children’s behaviour, our Child Development Team will be focused on ensuring the psychological well-being of the Little Leaguers. Our mission is to have a personal relationship with each child that we are associated with.

Foster a sense of community

Playing sports and being involved in co-related activities around the sport, especially when undertaken as a team, will help create a bond amongst the Little Leaguers. Underprivileged children experience numerous issues at home and we would like to provide them with a sense of belonging that will help them overcome from such issues. This is why we believe in propagating development through sports and giving them a sense of community.

Improve quality of life

 As our children are from an underprivileged section of the city, they are exposed to all kids of diseases and health problems due to unsanitary living conditions. Involving them in a sport can be vital for their physical and psychological development. 

Social Empowerment

 At TLL we place great emphasis on creating individuals that are a positive and valuable addition to society. We believe our support and guidance with your help can transform the lives of these children and prepare them for bright futures.